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    New to FM question about Graphs



      New to FM question about Graphs


      I have a db containing 3 tables.  It is a parent table and two children in a one to many.  When I try to graph a field from a field in the parent table I get a count on how many of each responses are in that field, no problem.  From either child table I get an answer as though it can not count or count correctly.  I have noticed that the "count" selection in the graph set up screen is unavailable.  I have tried to graph from each child table and from the layout with no luck.  What did I miss?

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          You need to describe the chart that you are trying to set up and then add a more detailed description of what you are trying to do when you "count" records in the child tables. I don't see any "count option" in chart setup and thus do not know exactly what you did when you say that.

          I would guess that you used the calculation optoin and selected the count function. If you look up this function in FileMaker Help, you'll find that it has three different ways that it can be used:

          Count ( Field1; Field2; Field3 ...) which returns the count of the listed fields all from the same record that are not empty.

          Count ( RepeatingField ) counts the number of repetitions that are not empty

          Count ( RelatedTable::Field ) counts the number of related records that are not empty

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            Thanks for responding.  What I am doing is from the table view, I right click on the field, select sort descending and select chart by (field name).  The screen that appears is Chart Setup.  On the right side only the y axis shows.  In the summary field, nothing is available (In the parent table, "count" is what is selected and it works).  The X axis fields are empty.  Even if I do complete the X axis by selecting the field, I still get no useable graph.  I looked at what worked in the parent table and applied this to the child graphs with no good results.  This problem only happens with the child table fields.

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              Ok, that answers a few questions, But I need to know how your data is set up and exactly what kind of chart you want. It is very likely that you may need to set this chart up from form or list view while in layout mode and we may have to restructure your data in order to get this to work.

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                In the DB is set up as a parent joined to both children in a one to many with the standard PK and FK.  The layout for users has fields from all three tables using sliders to progress through most of the fields.  Each child has 45 fields.  The goal with the charts is to display the number of each responses in a given table over a given date range.   I have taken this DB and populated data in it from the user layout and it holds data OK.

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                  This is simply not enough information to work with.

                  You might also consider rethinking your data model given what I read here.

                  This thread on surveys and questionaires might prove helpful: Need aid on generating a report from a survey layout.