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    New to fm scripts



      New to fm scripts


           I'm trying to create the text for an email that lists information from one record.  The one record might have multiple sets of data based on a server name.  For example:

           Application 1            System Owner1
           Applicaiton 2            System Owner2
           Application 3            System Owner3

           Applicaiton is in one field, system owner is in another field.  I can list the applications with the List function but how do I list the applications and the system owners together?

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               Does your example show the data from one record or 3 records? From the current layout's table or a related table?

               Your reference to the List function suggests that you may have 3 records in a related table. If so, define a calcualtion field in that table:

               Application & Char ( 9 ) & System Owner

               Char ( 9 ) is the tab character.

               Now reference this calculation field with your List function to get your rows and columns of text. (If the amount of text in Application varies a lot from record, it may not be possible to get columns of data that line up correctly in your email.)

               If this is data from just one record (which would suggest that you may not have the best table/relationship design here), you don't need the list funciton. Just use:

               Server & ¶ & Application 1 & Char ( 9 ) & System Owner 1 & ¶ &Application 2 & Char ( 9 ) & System Owner 2 & ¶Application 3 & Char ( 9 ) & System Owner 3