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New to FM wants to import new information

Question asked by RobMcCartney on Nov 13, 2013
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New to FM wants to import new information


     Sorry, if this seems really basic.

     We have a current database that houses subscribers records. Due to new post office standards we need to populate a new field that has been added. And I need help getting the information back into our database. Here is what we have to do to get the information:

     I will export roughly 1000 records with there unique ID into an excel file. I will send the Excel file to a 3rd party company to get the information we need added to the spread sheet. They will than send back the spread sheet with the new information.

     This is where I'm become confused on how to get the information back into the database and entered in the correct record. Its something we will probably have to do every 90 days so the process also has to be willing to write over the one field that might already have data in it.

     Any guide or advise would be helpful.