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    New to FMP



      New to FMP


      I am new to FMP and was told I can use this program to create a simple database that links to an ip address or url. I created a FMP file and assigned managed rights created within FMP. I want the person to type in a username and password and once this is verified, be able to enter an ip address ( xx.x.xx.xxx) where they are linked to that site. Eventhough I am new to FMP, this sounds like it should be an easy task. Any suggestions? My users will be accessing this via FileMaker Go on their iPhones.

      What is FMP with IWP. I read a post where they set up a username and password as i want to using this? Should I create an Excel file with these fields which can be verified as opposed to using FMP?

      Thanks in advance for all the help.


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          Believe it or not, I was able to login to my FMP file via my iPhone. The Username and password fields are working just fine. What I am now looking to do is create a field where the user types in an ip address and is linked/directed to that ip address. Right now I have an ip address field and need to connect the address typed in that field to the submit button. 

          For example. If I type in an ip address in this field, i want the submit button to take me to that ip address.



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            Are you using a web browser to access the FileMaker database? (IWP stands for Instant Web Publishing BTW.)

            Are you trying to redirect your browser to this IP address?

            If so, Open URL can probably be set up to use the IP address in the field to open something at that location.