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New to FMP - HELP!

Question asked by mattb on Nov 20, 2009
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New to FMP - HELP!


I am a Visual Foxpro programmer new to FMP.  I need to duplicate something that was easy to achieve in VFP but seemingly

impossible in FMP.  I've tried a number of different approaches but none do the trick, so I'm now asking for help.


On one layout form, using data from one table, I need to do the following:


1)  On the left side of the layout, I need to create a list that consists of all the records in the table from just one field, as if showing

one field in table view


2)  On the right side of the layout I need to show 4 fields from just one record in the table, as in form view.


3)  When a particular record from the list on the left is clicked on, it would move the record pointer and change the data in the 4 fields on the right side to correspond with the selected record.


Basically this is a table navigation scheme that would substitute for the same function as the Records tool in the Status Toolbar.  But instead

having the user click Next or Previous or use the slider, I want them to pick from a list on the left, which would in turn move the record pointer

and refresh data on the right.


Seems to me this should be doable, but I'm stumped.


In Visual Foxpro, I'm using a List object (which FMP doesn't have) which is stuffed from an array.  Then the navigation is accomplished by

clicking on an item in the list, which refreshes the data on the right.  


Thanks in advance for any help in reproducing this functionality in FMP!




Matt Bloomfield

New FMP User