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New to FMP and FMP11 Application Design

Question asked by RogerRoss on Oct 24, 2011
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New to FMP and FMP11 Application Design




New to FMP and still getting a feel for how things work and best practices to use.

One question I have is when creating a new application should all DB tables be included in the same FMP file or should they be divided up into seperate files for the application, i.e. membership, accounting, etc...

I guess my question is, is there a way to call or open muliple FMP files from one FMP session. Using the sample applications, I open Invoicing, then I want to open the Personnel Records file can I open that file from the Invoicing application? This way the user is not going back to Finder to open another FMP file but can do it from within the FMP file already open.

Also is there a way in FMP to create a custom menu interface without using the drop down menus?

I have an exisiting application written in another dev tool and i would like to follow the GUI of that application if possible. I know there are a lots of things that can be done in FMP but the menu interface I wouls like to try to recreate. Similar to a QuickBooks menu interface.

Any ohter suggestions on getting staerted and up to speed fast are welcome...


Thank You,