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New to FMP and looking for some guidelines

Question asked by MikeLeathem on Oct 1, 2010
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New to FMP and looking for some guidelines



Just purchased Pro and im trying to get to grips with my first database. Struggling with import and was hoping some kind soul might give me a few pointers to save me messing up.

We have a single Excel spreadsheet with about 4 tabs that stores all our info at present. This gets updated every day. Mainly to add new records but occasionally small changes to existing data. This sheet gets posted to a common storage every morning.

I want to import this info. Not every day but probably every other day into Pro so that we can use it more effectively. I have used import and know how to load the data into individual tables fine, but am struggling how to import the second time so that it doesnt add duplicate records or overwrite the existing data.

Is there a way to import this info so that changes are merged. That is any changes made to our source data will update the Pro data individual field but not the complete record so that Pro changes are retained and any new records are added to the end of the PRo database?