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New to FMP, need advice, please

Question asked by Hileotech on Sep 22, 2010


New to FMP, need advice, please


Hallo everybody! I recently switched from Win to Mac OSX Snow Leopard so anything to me is quite new. Here is my question: I would like to use FMP (Advanced?) in order to build a bibliographical reference dBase. BUT: This dB should connect to MS Word / iWorks or Whatever in order to export and create the right footnote form the right citation. I.e. : I populate my dBase with bibliographical data (such as Author, Title, Editor and so on, and with a "note" field containing the citation(s) I plan to use); when writing my paper/book I need to cite a book, so I should be able to "copy+paste" from FMP's query results to Word/Whatever, inserting the right citation in footnote. I really think that FMP can do that (Paradox does it, and even Access should be able to), but has anyone really tried to? Was that hard (like writing 250k lines of script-code) or easy enough? If you need any info, please let me know...