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    New to FMP11, stuck.



      New to FMP11, stuck.


      Here's what I want to do.....  On my layout, I want 3 different sections all liked to my database.  The customers in my databases will alternately fill these different sections.  So if I have Secionts A, B, and C, I want a drop down menu on each of these sections on the layout that lets me go to my customer database, select, and then autocomplete that section only, separate from the other.  And then repeat that step for Sections B and C.

      Can someone point me in the right direction here?

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          We'll need to have  a more detailed description of what you are attempting to do here. Can you post an example and with actual names rather than "A", "B" and "C"?

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            We're a trucking company.  I need to create a confirmation sheet. My database of all of our customers, who act as shippers, deliver tos and carriers. On my confirmation sheet, I have three sections - Shipper, Deliver to and Carrier.

            So, on my confirmation layout in FMP, I want the Shipper section to have a drop down menu for all the customers listed in my database so I can select the one I want and have the info auto fill in when selected.  And I want the same processa for the other two sections.  They will all be related to the database, but each section will need to act independently of the other sections.

            When I tried this, I filled out the first section, but that same infor went into the other sections.  How do I keep them separate but still linked to the same database?

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              Sounds like you copied fields from one part of your layou to another. Since these fields are copies of each other and both refer to the same field in your table, they display the same data. You need either separate fields (simplest for a new user) or separate related records to list your independent data.

              You can open Manage | Database | Fields to add additional fields to your database and then, if the fields don't get added automatically, you can use the field tool to add these new fields to your layout. With this approach, editing one field in the customer section won't make the same changes in teh Deliver to or carrier section of your layout.

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                say my fields are name, address and phone.  The drop down menu shows all my customers and I pick one.

                ok.  then when I go to the next section, I again want to enter the name, address and phone of a different customer but on the same layout.  These fields are the same.  so when I drag the field down, it prompts for fills with the previous answer.

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                  Exactly, These fields are not only the same, they refer to the same exact current record and this is not what you should do. Define additional fields in your table (not the layout) so that you have separate fields for the other two sections of your layout.