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Question asked by MichaelBailey on Mar 8, 2011
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New to inventory


I'm looking to setup an inventory database for a bar/restaurant and i'm having some trouble creating a functional data entry list. I have a set list of items in stock and each week i need to take a count of the items. I could create a value list from a field that lists all the items and select them from a auto entry or drop down list, but when i'm entering the weekly inventory I want to be able to specify a week in the header and automatically generate a list of the items and quickly enter the amount in stock of each item. Is there a script I can create that will automatically generate a new field based on the date I enter in the header?

I want to be able to specify the date once, and have the items on the left listed automatically so i can then enter the stock and tab between entry cells. When I set a new week I want to hide the "in stock" field from the prior weeks and insert a new blank field.

Enter Date:  4/4/11                            (prev weeks hidden....)

ITEM           |           IN STOCK      |     IN STOCK (prev)    |



Well Vodka   |           12                 |        15

Abs Vodka    |           8                  |         12

Well Rum     |           10                 |         14

I figure this is a common desired application for filemaker users but I haven't really seen something similar in other posts. If you can help me out or direct me to a similar inquiry i'd appreciate it

Thank You,

Michael Bailey

filemaker pro 11 for mac