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New to Portals. Plz Halp!

Question asked by RexSF on May 21, 2015
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New to Portals. Plz Halp!


Hello Geniuses! 

I'm relatively new to FMP and have been tearing apart the internet trying to figure out how to create a portal that does what I need it to do. 

The Scenario: 

I have a music library table and a composer table. I want to create a portal to display the tracks from the library that a composer has written, on the composer's record in a layout. 

The Composer table has the following relevant fields: 

- Composer #

- Composer Name

The Library Table has the following relevant fields: 

- Composer 1

- Composer 2

- Composer 3

- Composer 4

- Track #

- Track Title

- Date Created


What are the steps to create this portal and have it auto-update as new tracks are added to the library and new composers are added to the composers table? 

If you know of another post that covers this, please feel free to just link me to it. 

I appreciate your help!