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new to relational database

Question asked by evdh on May 12, 2014
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new to relational database


     I have established a relationship between two tables.  I can now enter the ID number from my "Membership" table onto my "Potential Homes" table as a foreign key and all contact information for the member pops up accurately.  So far so good. Now in my Browse menu, each field has a drop down menu which shows the Value List I created to make the relationship work.  (if I click on 'address', the drop down shows the complete value list of membership 'IDs + last name' which I am using for my foreign key). 
      1.  Should this be the case?
     I mistakenly clicked on someone else's info in the address field.  Now one person's address actually reads as "ID+last name" of another member. My problem is that I can not not correct that back to the proper address info.  Changing info in my parent table does not carry over to my child table.  Using the 'other' option at the end of my 'ID+Last name' value list allows me to write in the proper info but clicking OK does not change the info.  I actually deleted the member record from both tables, reentered it properly in the parent table and tried to reeneter it in my child table using the new ID number - but the error keeps returning instead of the correct info - even though it is a different ID number. 
     2. How can I correct my relationship so that simply changing info in the parent table will change it in the child table?