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    New type of portal form



      New type of portal form


      Hi guys;

      I am trying to create a portal which I will show a 6 month value of an electricity bill. The problem is there are 13 items at a bill so I have to do the portal as;

                    January       February      March ............





      How can I do this formation on a portal?

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          Use 6 portals placed side by side, one for each month. Portal filtering can be used to limit the records shown to those from a specific month. (And the specific month, year can be controlled from a single drop down list or pop up menu so you can select different 6 month intervals on the same layout.)

          This does require exactly the same types of records (price, consumption, etc.) in exactly the same order in each portal in order for the rows in the different portal controlled columns of data to match with each other.