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    New user - Multiple tabs, tables, relationships



      New user - Multiple tabs, tables, relationships




      I am a new user to FMP10. I'm creating a database linking suppliers, products, inventory, purchase orders and customers, basically an entire supply chain. I was able to create templates for each part of the supply chain and insert them into one database with each having its own tab. However, once in this database each field said "unrelated table". It is my understanding that was because that Layout was linked to only one table, therefore the other information was not able to be shown. 


      How can set up a mult-tabbed database with multiple tables? And, once that is created (this may be too much for one question) how can I link those relationships?


      Thank you very much for your responses. 



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          Hi dparnes1,


          There are a few things to do first.  (This is over simplified but may get you started):-


          • Select Manage>Database from the File menu and click the "Relationships" Tab.  This is where you must define each relationship in your supply chain by dragging between the Table Occurrences to link the primary and foreign keys.


          • Add Portals to your layouts.  Each portal can display a related table's records and fields as rows and columns in the portal on the layout.

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            You need to create the relationship the lets Filemaker Pro know how they are connected.  What is the connecting field from one table to another. 


            Customers show on invoices.  Product shows on invoices.  Vendors show on purchase orders.  Products show on inventory.


            There are natural relationships.  But, if you want to relate every table to every other table, have a global field with a contant (i.e. 1) in every table and related everything on that field.  


            Is that good database design?  I am not sure.  Will it work? Yes.