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New User - Need Calculation for Serial # with date.

Question asked by on Feb 19, 2009
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New User - Need Calculation for Serial # with date.


I have a photography business and I use FM for managing estimates/invoices mainly. I'd like to have each new record automatically generate an index number, which I would in turn use to label my photo jobs. This way when I need to find images from a job from last year, I find it in FM, then use that number to find the images on my computer.


I'd like the the index # to be something like this...  09020001

The 09 is for the year (2009), the 02 is for the month (February), and the 0001 is a 4-digit serial #.


Can someone give me the calculation for this? I've been using FM for a couple years, but have only recently began developing custom layouts. So my level of experience in this is definately as an amateur, just an FYI. 


Thank you for any help.