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New User - Need to drop in photo automatically

Question asked by ReggieByrum on Dec 10, 2008
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New User - Need to drop in photo automatically


HI! I'm a brand spanking new user for FileMaker - or ANY database for that matter. I've been a designer for the past 20 years and I have no experience with databases, even on a very basic level. . . With that said, I just purchased FileMaker Pro Advanced and I am thrilled with how easy it is to use. 


I've created a form that provides an proposal/estimate. In the item number field, I'd like for that to be a drop down where they pick from a list of item numbers. I think I can figure that one out on my own.


My question is that once they select the item number - I want a picture that associates with that item number to automatically drop into a container box (positioned under the Photo/Diagrahm heading in the sample below), so they will see an actual picture of what it is they are getting an estimate for.


I'm creating the form on my MacBook Pro (but using Parallels to run FileMaker on Windows XP). I am creating a runtime and putting that file on our company server where others (on PC's) can access the runtime file and fill out the estimate form. The images are also contained in that folder.


Can someone please explain (in an extremely simple way) or point me in a direction where I can accomplish this feat? An example of the form is below:


Chimney Supply Estimate