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New User - Serial # and related table issues - Inventory System

Question asked by JasonDiehl on Feb 23, 2012
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New User - Serial # and related table issues - Inventory System




I am new to databases and FileMaker, but things are progressing.  I am stumbling on one issue.  I am attempting to create a inventory system.  I want to be able to load all inventory types in my main table, but want to determine the serial number per category.  For example I have "buckles" and "jewelry" as two different categories and want to have each have its own increasing numbers.  I want J-1 and B-1.  I unerstand this needs to be two fields.  I thought about setting up seperate tables for each category and that is where the product serial numbers would be created.  Then it would filter back to the main table, but that is not working.  I cant get things to filter that way.

I am used to Excel and that is where this data is being transferred from.  I have over 2,000 things inventoried this way so I need this to work.


Any thoughts or links to tutorials is much appreciated.