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    New User export question



      New User export question


       I currently testing out the trial version of this program. So far it is very nice.

      I have one last piece that I have not been able to figure out.

      I need to be able to export a fixed length file. Idealy inserting database fields where I need them.

      So something like 0000FIELD1000012345FIELD200000  etc...

      Is something like this possible? I see where you can use variables LEFT() RIGHT() but where do you enter and run these?

      Thanks for any help on this.

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          A fixed length file? or a fixed length field?

          I can't really figure out what your example, 0000FIELD1000012345FIELD200000, is intended to show here.

          FileMaker can export into a number of text file formats such as tab or comma separated values and calculation fields can use text functions such as left and right to produce a modified value of another field.

          Right ( "0000" & NumberField ; 4 )

          for example will take the value of Numberfield and pad it with leading zeroes to produce a 4 digit figure, provided that numberfield does not exceed four digits in length.

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            Fixed length file.

            The example I gave is how I am looking to have one of the lines in the file look.

            When you say

            Right ( "0000" & NumberField ; 4 )

            What I do not understand is where do you enter that in? Can I get a file that is fixed length, using this method?


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              The length of the file will be controlled by both the number of records exported and the amount of data in each field that is exported. You can set up calculation fields that combine your data with leading zeroes and such to produce what you want to see for a single line of data in the export file and then you would export that calculation field or fields. Since exporting records exports those in the current found set, you can control which records and how many are exported by controlling what records are in the found set at time of import.

              My example of the Right function is one such calculation you might define in a calculation field in order to produce the needed data format for export.