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New User Here - HELP!  How do I format a web link so it's viewable in Filemaker Pro 9?

Question asked by EnduroGal on Jun 10, 2009
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New User Here - HELP!  How do I format a web link so it's viewable in Filemaker Pro 9?


Hi, everyone! 


Hopefully, someone can help this new user before she starts knockin' her head against the wall! :womanmad:  First, I have an Excel spreadsheet and in that spreadsheet is one column which contains nothing but hyperlinks consisting of the word "details."  Each hyperlink leads to a base link for a different bicycling club.  Thinking I was smart, I formatted my corresponding Filemaker database field (the one that would receive the hyperlinks) as a container field.  Then I imported the Excel spreadsheet.  Everything looks great, except that - you guessed it - the field I established for my imported hyperlinks simply contains the word "details" and, of course, it does not link to anything at all when I click on it.  I took a look at my little Filemaker user's guide and the Filemaker Pro 9 tutorial on, but HOLY MOLEY!  It appears that in order to view the web page whose link appears in my database, I have to construct some sort of complex calculation field with something called "Web Viewer."  Specific instructions are provided if I want to look at a Google Map or a Wikipedia site, but looks like if I want to view any other web page I need to be a rocket scientist first.  Can anybody please provide me with more user-friendly instructions?  I will be happy to telephone you, if that would be simpler!


Another related problem I'm having is that my Excel spreadsheet imports only the hyperlink (the word "details") and not the baselink.  Do I have to convert these hyperlinks to baselinks before I import the spreadsheet to my Filemaker database?  If so, how do I do that?  I have studied my Excel "help" feature backwards and forwards, but it does not provide me with instructions for conversion.


Thanks so much to anyone who can help me with this!! :smileyhappy: