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New user needing some conceptual help please!

Question asked by JoeDavis on Jun 7, 2013
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New user needing some conceptual help please!


     Hi there,

     I have a background in developing web applications in PHP & Ruby.  I'm looking to Filemaker as a solution for clients needing a strong, rapid-deployment internal database system, and I'm currently working through a series of small development challenges to get my head around how it works.

     I could really use some help getting my head around the best approach to an issue:

     I am looking to create an activity log tool for my local sea rescue organisation.  Each rescue activity that takes place, they track a number of variables (hours involved, fuel used etc), and the members of the crew involved in each activity.  Each activity involves a number of crew, and each of the crew do a lot of different activities through the year.

     In my mind there are two tables - People (names and details) and Activities (activity related variables) - related by a join table with foreign keys PeopleId and ActivityId.

     I would like to achieve a single interface screen where they can input the activity details, and 'attach' the appropriate crew to the activity from a list of the crew based on table People, creating the records in the join table.

     I've followed this example:

     ...and as a result have something that sort of does the job (though I'm not yet conversant enough with FM to know if it's the best way to achieve the result).  My problem with it is that the resulting dropdown portal, while showing the crew names from the value list on input, only shows the ID from the join table record...ideally the user will see a list of the added names in the layout, not just a list of record ids from the join table.

     Can anyone point me towards a solution - whether it's fine tuning the example I've got, or taking a whole new approach?  As above I've got a reasonable development background, but making the jump to FM is taking some rethinking.  All that to say, please excuse what might seem a pretty basic question!!

     Thanks so much :)