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New User needs advice on a layout...

Question asked by AdamHorne on Aug 15, 2013
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New User needs advice on a layout...



     I'm very new to Filemaker (about a week...) and I'm attempting to keep a receipt database for my petty cash. My goal is to track receipts and create a layout that matches the actual PC envelope, which I can glue onto the envelope to hand into my accountants at work.  
     Here is a picture of the envelope I'm trying to match:
     I've created a table called "Receipts"  and the following fields: 
     Here are my current thoughts and please let me know if I'm going about this all wrong...
     First, I'm treating each receipt as a record. I would create a layout that matches the envelope, trying to recreate the as the header:,%2015/51-page-1.jpg.png
     and then trying to match my fields under the header...
     I created a ReceiptId that will replicate the 1-16 rows on the envelope. I couldn't figure out a way to actually place 16 evenly spaced rows, that were labelled 1-16.,%2015/51-page-1.jpg.png
     I also thought about creating a new field called "EnvelopeID" that would indicate which receipts I wanted to print.  For instance, I'd take (16) receipt records and give them an "EnvelopeID" number 1. So, when I'm ready to turn in an envelope, I'd tell Filemaker to find all records with an EnvelopeID number 1.  Perhaps there is a simpler way? 
     So basically, I'm wondering if I'm on the correct path or if I should approach this another way.