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New user needs help with network sharing

Question asked by nwdoc on May 5, 2010
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New user needs help with network sharing


Hello everyone. I am a new Filemaker user and am having trouble sharing files over a network. We have two computers in our office, both running Filemaker 9--both running Mac OS X (one is Version 10.4.11 and the other Version 10.5.8) and both connected via wireless network. We created a library database on one computer and a content manager database for contact information on the other and would like to be able to connect the two. I have enabled network sharing on both and opened both databases, but when I open the Network Sharing Settings on one of the computers, I am only seeing the  one database that lives on that computer.


I read that I need to set up one of the computers as a host but am unsure that means I need to export one of the databases so that they are both on the same computer before I can share. I greatly appreciate any advice offered. Thank You!