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New user needs help!

Question asked by jfilar3 on Jan 5, 2009
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New user needs help!


Hello. I'm fairly new to "programming" in FMP9, so please bear with me. I'm working with an inherited DB, and I am not able to completely re-do it, so I'm stuck trying to fix the little glitches. Here is what I have.


The DB itself contains many tables. The main table, called "Details," holds most of the case information. There are dozens of forms the users access to send out to their clients, and each form is its own table (to allow for the storage of the MANY records). There is another table called "Forms Server" that links the relationship between "Details" and each of the form tables. The primary key between "Details" and "Forms Server" is called "Request ID." So, "Forms Server" is related to each form table through the key "Form ID" and to "Details" through "Request ID," which means "Details" is indirectly related to each form table through their connection to "Forms Server." Still with me?


Ok, on the "Details" layout, there is a portal that displays some of the pertinent fields from any form associated to the current record in "Details." EX: If I create a new record for Bilbo Baggins in "Details," then send him form 1120, I can see that form in the portal. I can also click a button next to that form to open it up and see it displayed anytime in the 1120 layout. This all works swimmingly well.


Here is the problem. Out of the 30+ forms in this database, 2 of them are follow-up type forms. Form 1124 and 1125, when created, are supposed to pull information from 2 fields from form 1123. EX: I send Bilbo form 1123 requesting more information. If he never replies, I send 1124 that pulls in the creation date from 1123 AND another field from 1123 (# of days). 1125 is similar, but it's used when Bilbo DOES respond, but w/o a good reason, so it's telling him that his reason doesn't hold water. Again, it needs to pull those 2 fields in from 1123.


The original programmer used a very simple script to do this. Unfortunately, it was simple because it didn't work. The corresponding fields in 1124 or 1125 are left empty. Here is what WAS there:


# Get Number of Days from DE1123 form

Go to Layout ["DE1123" (DE1123)]

Copy [Select; DE1123:: DE1123 Days]

Go to Layout ["DE1124" (DE1124)]

Paste [Select; DE1124:: DE1124 Number of Days from DE1123]


Ok, that one obviously didn't work as it just pasted in blank info from a blank 1123 (instead of pulling the field data from the previously completed 1123). I've since tried numerous ideas from other threads on this site - mostly variations of GTRR, Set Field, etc. After a day and a half of trial and error, I'm no closer to a solution and am throwing in the towel. Please, if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it!