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New user table design and relationship question

Question asked by bryanp on Mar 5, 2009
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New user table design and relationship question


I would like to make a database with three tables Companies, People, and Products.

The Companies table would contain Company name, location, People (multiple), and products (multiple).

The people table would contain People's Names, Affiliations (multiple), info, etc.

The Products table would contain Product Name, Cost, technology, etc.

When I add a record to the company table I would like to see the products that I added show up in the products table where I could then add the details for the products.  The same goes for people.  I would like people from the company show up in the people table.  

Is my table design reasonable?   If this is not obvious, I don't know much about databases.  Can you recommend a different design for this data?  What type of connections should I use?  How should I deal with multiple products, multiple people and multiple affiliations?