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New user with question on FileMaker

Question asked by tkaste on Mar 1, 2010
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New user with question on FileMaker


I have just started using FileMaker I have the trial version but will be convincing the boss to buy it form me if I can figure this one issue out.


We work with several insurance carriers all who have different fixed expense components such as premium taxes, carrier expense fees, risk fees...


What I would like to do is when I input the carrier name it would auto fill the expense component fields.


I.E. in the carrier field I created a drop down list of all the insurance carriers we work with, if I were to select ACE Insurance Company, then the other fields would automatically fill based on this selection.


I am assuming I would have to create a separate table for expense components and link them.


I have done this in excel by using the lookup function i.e. Vlookup(a1,w1.z10,2) were a1 contains carrier name and w1.z10 is a table containing carrier names in  column W, expenses are in columns x-z.


With the reports I need to run excel is no longer acceptable and this needs to be moved to a database. I have worked in Paradox database 20+ yrs ago and Approach 10 years ago so I have some residual knowledge and think I have done this in the past I think but can not remember how.


Thanks for anyone's help.