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    New user, quick question.



      New user, quick question.


           Ok I am a new user and I purchased FM12 to solve a spacific problem we have with quick books pro. I would like to creat a form to track field purchases and apply them to a job, class and account. But I would like the form to have the same look as the QBPro check entry and produce a report that our office manager can easily inter into QBPro. Do you think there will me way to many tables for this kind of form? Keep in mind I am a novice at FM, but a very quick learner. Any conversation will be helpful to know what I am up against.



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               More info,

               All we really need is the check itself and the expenses and items dabs with the related data. I don't need an ending balance or any of the control buttons from QB. We plan on running this on an IPad in the field to collect data. 

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                 Do you really need the word form of the dollar amount like you do for printing the check? Or do you just need the number and plan on printing your checks from Quick Books?

                 It is possible to set up a calcualtion field that takes your dollar amount and produces the needed word form, but I wouldn't do that unless there was a need print checks directly from your database.

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                   Thanks Phil


                   No, we don't need the word form of dollar amount.

                   We do not have a need to print our checks. Problem is, most of our job expence checks are written in the field and entered into QBPro from a receipt or invioce. If we could capture the data entry at the time the check is written we could make our job costing far more accurate. All we need to produce is a spread sheet output that would allow an office manager to go line by line and enter the checks, written in the field, into QBPro. 


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                     You may want to investigate a third party produced tool that links FileMaker and QuickBooks. It's called "QuickBooks Connector" if I remember right.

                     What you show only need three tables so I wouldn't say it requires "way too many tables".

                     One table for each check transaction, one for the amounts itemized by fund or budget category and one for the actual list of budget or fund names.

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                       Windows only, $200 single user, 30 day demo, 2 hr limit during demo


                       Downloading the demo (ver 4) has FMP databases included.

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                         It looks like it will only run an FM for windows? I am running it on a Mac.


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                           Yep. Any chance you have a mac that also runs windows? If so, you should be able to install the windows version of this product and FileMaker and you can switch over to windows whenever you need to run the connection. The same FileMaker database file can be opened with mac or windows versions of the application program.

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                             I do have a windows operating system on my mac but am aready $300 into FM12 and really don't want to invest another $300 into FM for windows.


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                               Check with Customer Service and see. I think you can get a download for the other platform. I know that FMP advanced comes with installers for both  windows and mac so it's worth checking on.

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                                 Thanks you for the heads up Phil,

                                 I was able to go back to the download page and get FM12 for the windows platform last night. I did get the demo copy of the quick book connecter. It looks a little confusing and It apears I would have to write a script for the task I am trying to perform, (write checks). I have not givin up on it yet and will continue to demo it and try to learn how to write script. 

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                                   Ok I am going to attempt to do my own project. Here is my first attempt at creating a form to keep track of checks written on the job site and printing a creating a report to be entered into QuickBook in the office.

                                   Here is my layout. Please let me know if anyone sees any problems or corrections. Again this is my first attempt at a FM project. 

                                   My first question is, how do I deal with the customer form being used on two tabs?

                                   Any help would be appriciated.


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                                     You need some portals on the two file tabs for working with multiple LineItems.

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                                       Thanks Phil,

                                       Ok, I don't know what that means. LOL I will try to figure it out and get back to you to let you know how I make out frown. Thanks for pointing me in a direction. 


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                                         Ok Phil,

                                         So your saying instead of having 2 customer forms, I could create one form and put a portal to the customer form there? Actually sharing one form.

                                         So if that is correct, I am not sure how to deal with the CustomerLineItem table on each tab? And the Foreign keys. 

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