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    new window



      new window



           how can i open a specipic layout in anew window?

           for example a window layout to insert a new record

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               In a Script:

               Use new window to open the new window
               Then make the next step Go To Layout to go to the layout you want to see in the new window.

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                 i did that and its working. but, since then everything els hapend in that new window us a nather solition.

                 i want it to became in front but, the rest to stay in the old one so i cam claose that "new window" and kip work on the one befor/

                 what can i do?

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                   "what do you mean by:


                        since then everything els hapend in that new window


                   I can't follow what you are describing. Anything that takes place in the new window will be separate from the original window unless you use scripting to some how "synch" what you see in the two windows as the user interacts with them.

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                     well, say that im vewing a portal in a solution file. 

                     to insert a new record i open a new window, a smoler one, and a spcific layout. 

                     once i open the smoler window both of them are smoll, eve when i close the new windw. 

                     how can i open a new layout in a new smoll window? but whith okt chenging the first one?


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                       You must be using Windows and have your windows "maximized". FileMaker on Windows--what I use, has a very irritating limitation in that opening a new window when windows are maximized drops them out of their maximized state and the other windows that are open "snap" to sizes they last had when not maximized--often sizes that are completly innappropriate for what you want.

                       You cannot prevent this from happening if windows are maximized. You can either use your database without maximized windows or you can minimize the size change by using the Move/Resize Window step to resize the original window back out to the largest size that will fit on your monitor screen. You can use Get functions, Get ( ScreenWidth) and Get ( ScreenHeight ) to get the dimensions of your current monitor screen and you can use these inside the Move/Resize WIndow script step.

                       Then, when you close the smaller window, you can remaximize your windows. If you use a script to close the smaller window, this script can close it and then maximize windows to return your windows to their original state.

                       This can be managed especially smoothly if you use a custom menu--something that Requires Filemaker Advanced to set up.