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New Window Issues

Question asked by thumper on Jan 4, 2010
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New Window Issues


Ok im sure this is going to be really easy and i figured i would just ask instead of spending another week trying to do it on my own lol.


so the situation is this, i got my main form page ("HP Main") with my records, on this page is a button to open a layout ("HP Main List View") using the same table but to display my records as a list (using only a few of the fields from that table). along side of each item in this list is a button that when clicked i would like it to close the current window ("HP Main List View") and then to get focus on the main  form window ("HP Main") and lastly to display the record chosen from ("HP Main List View")


I have been pulling out my hair trying to figure this out for some time and im sure its just something silly that i forgot, if anyone could please help me out id appreciate it :D


im using filemaker pro 9 adavanced, if that helps.