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New Window problem

Question asked by BryanHolman on Feb 28, 2012
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New Window problem


Yesterday I had just about finished my project, I was very happy with everything and today when I opened it to start, it was behaving different. 

When you push one button, the script I am using is: 

  Show Custom Dialog ["Checkinventory"; "Have you checked to see if the item already exists?"]

  If [Get(LastMessageChoice) = 2]

       New Window [Name: "AddItem"; Height: 750; Width: 410; Top: 150; Left: 150]

       Go to Layout ["AddItem" (My CFI)]

  End If


My problem is that when I run this script, it opens a new window, but gets rid of the window I am currently working in.  When I exit the Add an Item window, it returns back to the original window with the new size.

What I need it to do is become more of a popup that disappears after I input the information that needs to be put in.