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    new window size



      new window size


      When I add a New Window, with a given size, the last (already open) window resizes as well, to the same size. If I want the old window to stay the original (maximum) size, so that the new window covers just a portion of the old (still open) window, how can I do that? The two seem to be tied to each other, size-wise...

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          When Executing The New Window Script Step My Original Window Will Change Size

          Updated: Jun 06, 2011


          Unexpected results are seen when performing a New Window script step that has the Window Settings options set. For example;

          Name: 'New Window'
          Height: 300
          Width: 300
          Distance from top: 0
          Distance from left: 0

          When the script is performed, along with the correct new window opening, the original maximized window that is open when the script is performed has it's size reset to the size and position it was just prior to being maximized.

          When performing a New Window script step with Windows Settings options set, all maximized windows will be reset to their pre-maximized states along with the new window being opened. This behavior is handled by the Windows operating system not FileMaker Pro.

          Note that this behavior does not occur on the Macintosh platform.

          To better control all window states create script steps to set each window to the desired position and size.

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            Note that one of the options on this Windows Only issue is to Not use maximized windows as then this problem does not occur. I'm not a big fan of the resulting "window inside a window" look but it does avoid this issue. (I usually use the Move Resize Window option to resize the original window to maximum screen dimensions by using get functions to get those dimensions. I then include scripting to re-maximize the original window when the new window is closed. You still get a small "twitch" when the window resizes to a non-maximized but screen filling size and another when it returns to maximized mode, but it works...