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New Window Weirdness

Question asked by JoshO. on Oct 28, 2010
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New Window Weirdness


Has anyone else noticed an inconsistency with the New Window script step?  I have the below script that should center the window.  However, if I run it once, it centers the new window as if it was the size of the original window, which makes it not center because the new window is a different size than the original.  If I run it again (without closing the new window just created) it centers the last window just fine, because the window it is currently active on is the same size.

New Window [ Name: "Help"; Height: 780; Width: 710; Top: ( Get ( WindowDesktopHeight ) - Get ( WindowHeight ) ) /2; Left: ( Get( WindowDesktopWidth ) - Get ( WindowWidth ) ) / 2 ]