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new windows w/o title and scroll bars

Question asked by baztown on Jul 4, 2013
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new windows w/o title and scroll bars



     I am working with a container that will hold  a picture. I would like to give users a way to zoom in to the picture. A layout was created to hold a container that will take up the entire to screen to give the users a better view. But, I was asked to allow users to zoom in as well.

     I noticed that when I add zoom buttons anywhere on the layout, that the entire window along with the buttons get zoomed in - which looks awkward. Besides, once the picture is zoomed in , then the user has to scroll to e.g. the top of the picture to be able to get to the buttons to zoom out of the container.

     So, I created a new floating window that will open when a users tries to zoom , which will have scripts / buttons to open the main window which the container sits in and the users can zoom in while the floating window stays the same size and stays on the page no matter how zoomed in the picture may be.

     1) how can I remove the scroll bar and the top of the 'zoom' window( I think its called the 'title bar')so that  it looks proper and it will also use less screen real estate.

     2) is there a way to zoom into a picture and then have a 'hand' as the mouse to move the picture once it zoomed in . Or do i have to use the scroll bar?


     I did notice an option here -> but it looks kinda complicated.