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new2 FMPro. Multiple Windows vs. Tabs

Question asked by lessthan on Jan 26, 2009
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new2 FMPro. Multiple Windows vs. Tabs


I have never used FMPro but have a task that only a custom database can solve.

I own a Live Music Venue and need a unified database to store a lot of different types of data that are not obviously related. In hopes of the best advice I will give a short example.


We have a great system in place for each process. Booking, Promoting, Day of show prep, Box office settlement, Artist settlement, Bar settlement, and a standard Contact Management section. However they are mostly all recorded separately on paper.


I would like to build an application that combines many data sources. This would allow anyone to use a GUI to enter their part of the data. I would like the forms we have already created to be duplicated in FMPro so they are familiar with the process. Moving everything into FMPro obviously will mean the data has to be entered only once.


What I am aming to create is very much like MASTER TOUR DATABASE =  or REP TOOLS 2008 =


MASTER TOUR DATABASE uses many pop up windows, one for each module or GUI. 

REP TOOLS 2008 uses a toolbar at the top to change the main window to the GUI you need.


A small example of how I will be using the data.

We book a show recording all show times and tech info. The band name will automatically populate contact info.

Promotions Dept. then click button which generates auto emails to all related contacts.

Production does the same and also one clicks prints out show schedule and dressing room signs which are auto created with band names and times from booking data.

Box office settles with a calculating spreadsheet which gets linked to band.

Bar settlement gets linked to band.

Now I can search by band and the previous shows come up with all the $ info. I can search for a band name and get all the contacts to pop up, I can search by highest grossing nights and find out what bands to try and book again. Etc etc etc.



I would like some advice on best practices for constructing something like this.

Should each of my processes be in separate databases and then have linked relationships? Should I build on big database and just put the fields I need on corresponding tabs? Why do some application suites like the ones I referenced work in separate windows and some in separate tabs? (the tech level when they were designed?)


and How do I build a tool bar at the top to switch from job area to job area?

Apologies for the lengthy post, but I really don't have the time or money to go down a long trial and error path of self education on this. It is going to be a huge time sink even if I go down the right road the whole way through.


Thanks in advance for any help.

We are located in Baltimore.