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Newb question and some matter of jargon

Question asked by V on Feb 13, 2012
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Newb question and some matter of jargon


Heyas all,

I've been tasked with building an inventory database and I'm having many challenges.  I've muddled my way through most of them with my book and 'Net searches, but this one is being a pest.  I think the problem is largely one of jargon, i.e. I do not know how to phrase what I'm trying to do.  To the point, I'm asking for help on two fronts with this email; I'm asking for some help in getting down what I need to do, and I"m asking for some input on the correct way to describe my problem so I don't have to resort to bugging you folks when I have a similar challenge in the future.  That said:

I have two SQL tables connected to Filemaker via ODBC, for the sake of brevity, lets call them Computer and People.  I have a third table in Filemaker called Inventory.  I can create a new record in Computer and assign it to a Person via a lookup dropdown menu field I have named Computer::computer_assignee which pulls the values of Person::FullName.

What I need to do is create a report that will do the following:

When a Person::FullName is selected from a dropdown, the fields computer_make, computer_model, computer_type will automagically populate with the vaules of the computer assigned to them.


I've been working on this particular aspect for hours, and I just can't seem to figure it out.  Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, very much.