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    NEWB simple question



      NEWB simple question


      I have a very simple layout that contains 4 fields (item, quantity, unit price and total) I have figured out how to get the drop down menu to display the items in the item field as well as the quantity.  However I am very new to this and can't figure out the proper way to have the unit price for each item automatically fill in the Unit price field when an item is selected. any help would be appreciated

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          Sounds like your layout is about to become less simple Wink

          Would this by any chance by for a sales invoice? If so there's a starter solution that you can look at for how an invoicing system might be set up and I'll include a download link at the end of this post for a simplified demo file that is easier to figure out as it's stripped down to just the basics.

          Normally, you list your items and their unit prices in a separate Products table and link it in a relationship to your layout's table. Then, looked up value settings on a unit price field in your layout's table can copy the unit price from your Products table when a matching productID is entered or selected in the layout's productID field.

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