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Newb's Data Difficulty - Can anyone help?

Question asked by MikeTaylor on Jan 31, 2011
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Newb's Data Difficulty - Can anyone help?


I'm new to this Database development business, so please be aware my understanding of terminology may be limited.

My enquiry is how to auto fill fields from another record & table, I'll ellaborate.


I have two tables,

"Stock" & "Dispatch".

"Stock" contains three fields "Product Name", "Product Code" & "Job Number" with the values entered in them.

"Dispatch" has the same fields,

In the form for "Dispatch" I have create a dropdown list to fetch the "Product Name"s from the "Stock" table.

When selecting a "Product Name" from the dropdown in the "Dispatch" form, I would like it to copy accross the corresponding "Product Code" & "Job Number" from the "Stock" Table into the "Dispatch" Fields.

They need to be (i think it is termed) Static values (ie. not change with the parent field) 

Can anyone help?

Kind regards

MT head :)