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    Newbee needs help



      Newbee needs help


           I just found out about FM Pro and decided to use it for my business.  I am a contractor offering a house cleaning and repair service and I want to manage my crews through the use of IPads.  I want to set up a simple form on the ipad with about 30 fields with 2 available check boxes in each field including "completed" and NA or does not apply.  Once all fields are checked the worker will hit submit and if they have checked all boxes it will say completed or go to item number which has been missed.

           I will have fields such as Front Yard, Back yard, Entry way, Hallway, dinning room, Living room, Bedroom 1, bedroom 2, Kitchen and so on.  I also want to add before and after pictures taken from the ipad for each field. I am hoping that when you click on a specific field such as Bedroom 1 Pic it will make the ipad go into picture mode and place the picture in the appropriate box.  I have purchased FM server also so it will update in my office in real time which I can then create a report with pictures and bill the client.

           I have experience working in excel but new to FM.  Can anyone shed some light on wether I should attempt to create this myself or try to use a certified developer as the cash is tight until we get this project started?

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               We really can't answer that question. It depends on the skills and abilities you bring to the project and how much time you can invest in learning how to work with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go.

               There are tutorials and books you can refer to when getting up to speed.

               The 30 day trial of FileMaker Pro is free so you can try it out if you want.

               And we'll be glad to help here, but a forum is best used to answer specific questions so it's not a good substitute for the other options for "learning filemaker".