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Newbee Question - creating tiered relationships

Question asked by SeanLang on Mar 10, 2014
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Newbee Question - creating tiered relationships



     Im new to this database thing, and Im trying to create a simple three tiered database that is basically like this:




     Where one parent may have several "childs", who each have several toys. The DB must be able to have multiple parents with the lower trees falling into place for each one. I have watched several tutorials on how to use ID fields and relationships, but I cant seem to get it so that if I pick Parent A, then select, child A, I see all of Child A's toys. I then need to be able to select child B while still under Parent A, and see Child B's toys.

     I am trying to create this so I can use it for an inspection company where we have Projects with multiple buildings, which each have deficiencies we need to track per building, within the project. I have made a rudamentary flowchart to show the basic layout.

     Please provide me with an link to an example of what I am looking for or clear instructions on how to do this. Everything I find seems complex and gets me part way there, but doesn't seem to group everything the way I need it, and it seems like it should be simple!

     Please help!