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Newbee question on related lists

Question asked by Danxyz on Nov 21, 2010
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Newbee question on related lists


I am transitioning from MySQL to FileMaker and am stuck on a simple concept.  I have two tables related as shown in the diagram.   I want to be able to view test and select names from related for each record in test.

I have created a Value List that contains both fields from related and displays only relatedname.  So when I click on relatedID I get the list of relatednames and can select the one I want.  This works but is not the user experience I want. The relatedID field displays the index into related and a separate column is needed to display the actual relatedname.

What I want is the following:

- A field that is a combo box listing all of the relatednames in related.  Upon choosing one of the these names, the Id from the corresponding relatedname is entered into relatedID in test.

- If the combo box does not contain a value I want, I want to be able to type a new value into the combo box and have the entry appended as a new entry in related and the corresponding id entered into relatedID in test.

This is a simple database process and I just can't seem to figure how to get it to work.  Can anyone give me the key I'm missing?