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Newbi question - filtering

Question asked by MattEdmonds on Sep 15, 2014
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Newbi question - filtering


I'll simplify my question to make it easy to discuss...

I'm trying to develop a single to-do list filemaker file for my office (15 employees) that will contain records associated with only one project. I want a user to be able to open the file, select the project they're working on, and have filemaker ONLY display records related to the project they've picked.
So far, I've created all the fields and a list view layout, and established a global value field with a drop-down function to a value list with the project numbers to identify the current project. The drop down list performs a find function to only display the records associated with the file... The problem is that when I use sorting scripts I added to some of the table column headers, it ignores the previous find function and reveals to-do records from other projects. The sorting scripts are written to toggle ascending/descending...

What is the right way to set up this type of solution? It needs to be bulletproof so that once a user picks their current project, there's NO WAY they can release the found set until they pick a different project number.

Please help a new guy!

Thank you!