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Question asked by LennonRichardson on Sep 2, 2011
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Hello, I'm new to Filemaker Pro, and Databases in generall.

I have a table that has the fields

Date, Group, Item, Qty Sold, Value Sold. Which looks something like this :-

1 Sept  Beers  Corona      10  50

1 Sept  Beers  Heiniken    20  100

1 Sept  Spirits  Vodka      10  80


I would like on one page (form?) for the user to be able to enter the date just once, for Group & Item to auto populate (from a value list or a related table ??). So that the user can then enter the Qty & Value sold on one page, makeing it quick and easy for them to tab between the fields filling in the data.

What is your advise on the best way to achieve this ?

Thanks !