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Newbie (to Filemaker Pro 8.5v1)

Question asked by tricias on Apr 14, 2009
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Newbie (to Filemaker Pro 8.5v1)




I am fairly new to Filemaker and need to know a couple of very simple things.


1. Can someone out there tell me how to make text wrap when a  value list and checkbox is placed in a field?  When I try it the text just drops off the end of the field or if I put hard lines in the value list I get a checkbox for every line.


2. I need a script for the last field on a layout.  This script is to tell the field after I've entered data or updated it will go to the next layout and field.  (I get the "GoTo" bit it's just the filling of the field first).


I do hope you can understand my questions and if possible reply in simple language.