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NEWBIE - Basic help required!!

Question asked by JamesAllen_1 on Mar 4, 2014
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NEWBIE - Basic help required!!


     Hi All,

     apologies for this probably being a very basic question, I'm just finding my way around FMP, but in reality have a background in Excel, and the knowledge just doesn't transfer that well!

     I am looking to set up a DB that has what i think will be 2 basic elements, A list of people, and a list of achievements. 

     For the achievements I'd like to be able to have a form view where I can add these achievements to 1 at a time (think I've achieved this)

     I'd then like a separate form view where I can add people to it, and based on criteria (such as job role) it displays in a portal the relevant achievements. (think I've managed to do this)

     From within this portal, I'd like to be able to click a checkbox alongside the achievement, and have it add the 'points value' for that achievement to the employee.

     This could then be ranked etc in another portal (preferably in the same view so that I could jump to the other people from within that view.

     I have managed to make it 'look' like I want, but I have 2 things I can't seem to get working, and although I'm sure it's simple, I simply can't make it do it... 

     1) I can't seem to make the running score 'stick' to the employee in any way, it seems to exist for each employee of that type... for example, if I move between different 'Managers' the points value stays the same and sticks, if I move to a different job role say 'Employee' it shifts, but stays the same for each of these/

     2) The Portal that I have trying to display a 'League Table' seems to work OK using a self-relating portal (apologies if thats not the right term), and will filter based on role, and sort, but it won't let me jump the main window to that employee (I set up a clear button over the top of the portal row with a 'go to related record' script. Also it isn't reading the correct score for any employee... in fact only the top portal row has any data at all, although this could be because of fault #1

     Any help you can provide, would be gratefully appreciated.... I know FMP is a powerful tool, but I'm just stabbing around in the dark a bit at the moment!