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Newbie - Contact list report shows "?"

Question asked by Jenny_1 on Feb 25, 2012
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Newbie - Contact list report shows "?" & not the contact name??


I am very new to FileMaker & I am using the Events Management template to create a databse for recording multiple children's classes with up to 8 attendees with their parents as the main contact.

I am using FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced on Mac - all has been going well, the only changes have been to change the name of fields, add a name field for the student & add a tab layout while attempting to have minimum affect on any of the tables, however when I try & view the Contact List Report the contact's name (from the First & Last Name fields, Full Name) shows as "?".

According to "Help" the "?" shows when the field object is too small, I have ensured this is not the case & confirmed the field object was restored to the original size; or the "date or time is invalid" as this is a text field I don't see this as relevant.  I can not find any other reference to "?" in Help?

Can someone tell me how to correct this, please?

Many Thanks