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Newbie - do I need a portal ?

Question asked by capnahab on Oct 6, 2009
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Newbie - do I need a portal ?


I am a doctor and want to create a database of patients and track assessments on them over several years to record how they are doing.

They will be divided into about 6 medical conditions. The type of assessment will be dictated by the condition ( eg MR scan)

I want an opening screen with base demographic data and possibly a drop down list of their condition.

I want the  drop down condition to trigger copying the demographic data onto a new ?table or ?layout (not sure which)related to each condition which will have the assessment fields for 1,2,3,5, and 10 years. I have the assessments tabbed at 1,2,3,5 and 10 years at the mo.


I have FMPro10 adv on a mac. I can make a basic layout etc but am confused about keys and portals.


I have 2 problems at the moment.

- I don't know how to copy the demographic data ( simple address, contact details etc) only to the relevant condition layout (or ?table).

-my tabbed assessment fields. The assessments are the same at each year but do I have to create the fields  for each year as separate entities and call them eg assessment_year1 , assessment_year2 , assessment_year3, assessment_year5, assessment_year10 etc.