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Newbie - Each user can only see and view their own entries

Question asked by MegaMe on May 7, 2010
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Newbie - Each user can only see and view their own entries


I am new to fmp.


I created a fmp database to keep track of sales.


We have several sales people and I want them to access this fmp file over web sharing and enter their own sales.


As the admin, I want to be able to see everybody's sales.


So I create a user in the fmp file for each sales person and they each have their own unique password.


Is it simple to have my fmp file assign each record created by the log in user to be assigned logged in user. 


For I could create a filed called "Agent" and when ever a new record is created, the Agent field is auto filled with the user name of the person who logged in.


But I want to have the admin have the ability to assign the "Agent" field with whichever sales person user name I want.


I see Get(AccountName) and Get(UserName) in fmp help.


Plus, whenever a sales person logs in, I want them to only to be able see and edit records assigned to them.


Are these two things simple?


Thank you,