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Newbie - General Question

Question asked by RobKeller on Sep 19, 2012
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Newbie - General Question


     Sorry if this is too general of a question.

     I'm looking into doing a project that is basically an invoicing system with a header and detail invoice tables, customer, items, terms tables, etc.
     Can I assume FileMaker can do this fairly easily?
     My background is in FoxPro and VB.Net. and not sure if thsi project is worth my time learning FileMaker.
     I'm trying to find out a bit more about the programming and costs as this will have to be developed on a pc and run on a Mac network.

     I'm also concerned about functionality like:
     Filling other fields when a user makes a selection in a combo box.
     Consuming a web service to post financial transactions.
     Posting invoices to QuickBooks.

     I've done some reading on FileMaker and some "experts" say it is too restrictive in what you can do compared to other development systems.
     Is this biased, bad or old information?
     Is FileMaker coding similar to FoxPro or .Net coding?

     I'm worried about the learning curve and the impact on the cost of this project.