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Newbie - how to resize entire layout of a page on iMac

Question asked by MichaelMcGrath,AICP on Aug 19, 2014
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Newbie - how to resize entire layout of a page on iMac


     Rookie Question

     I am new to Filemaker Pro and am currently dealing with an inherited database and layouts on an iMac system.  For some unknown reason the developer has created layouts such that when users are inputting on an Apple iMac, the fonts are so small as to be unreadable (8 pt.).  I want to make everything in the layouts BIGGER, for input screens.  Is there a straightforward way to "resize" the entire layout?  I want the boxes, fonts, everything to just get BIGGER, without having to deal with every element in the layout separately.  That would prove to be VERY time consuming in this case - a very involved database and associated screens/layouts.

     One further piece of info - it appears that the offending layout were "sized" for printing.  However, on the screen it comes off way TOO SMALL.  I guess my ideal question is:  Is there a way to stipulate in FM Pro that when the record is unlocked for editing that the page "expands" to fill the screen?

     Any help will be greatly appreciated!

     Cheers, Mike