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Newbie - is FM useful for making a debt processing register? Looking for advice! :-)

Question asked by MikeAitkin on Jun 12, 2010
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Newbie - is FM useful for making a debt processing register? Looking for advice! :-)


Hi there!

I have a problem and I trust this is the right place to ask! I hope some kind (and expert) forum member can advise me if filemaker is appropriate!

I am a paralegal at a little legal office. We have nearly a dozen staff, and we all use networked computers (PC), working off Word and Excel documents saved on a server. None of us are particularly knowledable about computers. I know a bit about excel. Anyhow, since we are smaller firm, we don't have client management software, so we don't log our client interactions in one place, the client file only contains correspondence and documents. We don't have a register for centralised file notes, any member of the staff may, and often has phone contact with a client. Some of us are part-time university students and share desks, and all of us work parts of all the matters - so it's hard to see and be aware of the current big picture as to what is the status of a client matter.

The problem is that when the part-time paralegals are assigned a client matter, and often it's a debt matter where we are chasing up money owed, it's hard to know what is going on with the client, often the partner has made several phone calls, and the discussions are not logged in a central place. And often the office manager knows other recent information, that has not yet been logged. It's all over the place. So, we often duplicate calls, and work, and waste time going around the office asking what's the status!

This is particularly a problem with regards to debt processing "Delinquent Clients" ...(what a terrible name) i.e. knowing the status as to money owed and invoicing and reminder calls etc.

I think a centralised register for updating the status of debts that we are tracking is the right way to fix this. Some sort of central register/database that people fill in so we know the status.

Present Solution ...? using a central Excel file ... typing text in cells
I have prepared an excel spreadsheet on the central server, I am going to propose to the guys - that anyone who deals with delinquent clients actually reads and updates from this 'central register' saved on the server.

A super basic database! :smileyvery-happy:

Information is like this, with simple calculations, and lots of narrative text sorted by date too! For example;

Client / owes $3,234.00 / days since last contact X, Lawyer: Matt: 11/1/2010, I called, no reply, talked to sam, asked bruce for information / Recommended Next Action: 11/2/2010: Matt: Ask Bruce for a revised invoice and contact details ##this narrative style of text can run for many many paragraphs!##/ Days since last activity/

My Query - advice from filemaker pro experts wanted!
I take it that Filemaker Pro can make a much more professional solution...the templates certainly look pretty ...


my questions are ...

Q1. Is this Excel spreadsheet I am using much more easier than building a filemaker database? Excel isn't exactly appropriate for storing large amounts of narrative text!

I can make spreadsheets and do formulas etc, is Filemaker Pro hard to learn to use so I can make this debtor register spreadsheet as a database?

When finished, can Filemaker Pro share this database across a network for our staff to use to input and save data?

How would it do that conceptually? I hope I don't have to buy filemaker pro then install it on every computer on our network?

Is it possible to easily share the database with staff as a tiny software file they can open on the network which refers to a central saved database? I.e. they don't need to install anything, they just use it?




hmmmmm I am good with excel but I am scared of any complex computer solutions, especially involving computer languages and real databases (MSQL - what is that hahaha!) - If anyone can share some helpful answers I would be very grateful!


I am hoping this advice shows that FM is the right solution!


And I would drink a beer to you all the way from Australia for any advice given!

Thanks a lot in advance mateys!

Matt :smileyvery-happy: