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Newbie - Lost in Value List and Calculations

Question asked by RayGerman on Jan 8, 2013
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Newbie - Lost in Value List and Calculations





     I am just getting my feet wet with FileMaker, so please bear with me. I am probably using the incorrect mechanism to perform this action, but with my limited knowledge of FileMaker... it is all I can come up with at the moment.


     I am building a Form to calculate potential bonuses for employees and am getting stummped on how to set up the calculation


     The first field (Maximum Bonus Potential) will hold a dollar value. 


     The second field (Company Performance Weight) which will hold a number which I would like to multiply against the first field as a percentage.


     The third field (Company Performance Score) will have a drop down value list, of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

     I would like to convert the numbers in this fields for my calculation, so the number "1" actually equals "20%" The number "2" equals "40%" the number "3" = 60%" the number "4" = "80%" the number "5" equals "100%"



     For example if 


     Maximum Bonus Potential  675.00

     (x times)

     Company Performance Weight  50% 

     (x times)

     Company Performance Score  "Number 4 selected from value list"  = 80%


     I would like the calculation to be 675 x 50% x 80% = 270.00



     I cobbled this calculation together which appears horrible wrong.


     Maximum Quantitative Bonus Potential * Company Performance Weight & "%" * Case (Company Performance Score = 1 ; "20%" ; 2 ; "40%" ; 3; "60%" ; 4; "80%" ; 5; "100%" ; )


If anyone has any input or suggestions... I would be very grateful.